Falun Dafa WTHF?

This is sect from with Chinese origin and the boss is master Li

If you are one believer and you easily can take that he will mount more than 10K devices on your body and that he will give you rotating image of the universe on your belly beter don’t get involved.

Otherwise you can get two nice chillout tracks from Falun Dafa website and several free books full with crap. However it looks that falundafa people are nice exept when thay have to deal with chinese government. Then they loose control because they believe that this government is selling their falundafa brothers and sisters in spair parts. BTW it is very possible and I can take it. It is trendy business the trade with human organs in Asia and especially in China and South Korea.

I think that exersizes promoted by falundafa are with ancient origins and they can be very useful. However the rest is bullshit.

Here are mp3’s


4 Коментари to “Falun Dafa WTHF?”

  1. Their music is actually quite good, isn’t it? But as for the rest of it, I totally agree with you. 😛


  2. Yes, the music is good but the falun dafa teories and belives are extreamly stupid and I can not figure out who belives this crap. However, so far if they do not harm enyone and they do not force anyone to believe them it is OK for me

  3. Don’t let the „healthy exercise“ PR fool you. Falun Gong has some exteremely orthrodox teaching once you are sucked in.

    Falun Gong teaches stff like Jesus only saves white people. But Master Li as a more powerful God, can save everyone, even people of mixed race that Master Li characterized as spawn of dharma-ending degeneration – he’s nice enough to make an exception.

    You won’t see stuff like this on their flyers, but once you are sucked in and start attending the mass lectures, „sharing conferences“, it’s a different story:


    „I have also found no oriental people in Jesus’ paradise.“
    „I have also found no white people in a Buddha’s paradise in the past.“
    – Li Hongzhi

  4. I think folowers of Falun Gong have to be extreamly stupid to believe this bulshit. Actually they are victims by defoult. Victims to anyone who preach them any crap. Some folowers of Jesus are the same morons.

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