Как се лъжеме с нигерийците…

Very well, Take all necessary steps and let me know. Please don’t forget to send me the dates and the flight numbers for to make hotel reservation for you and your colleagues.

Take  care.

2007/2/28, Sadiq Motor Nigeria Ltd <sadiqmotornigeria1@yahoo.se>:Dear Plamen,

Thanks for your reply, we have contacted your country embassy here in Nigeria, so they let us know Invitation Letter from you over there will be fine so that our  delegates coming can visit your company/factory. Which the Invitation Letter will be Issued from your company and signed by your director. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,


Dear Mr Steve,

Please send me scanned copies of your passports like attachment.
Can you tell me more about your new branch?

Regards, Plamen

2007/2/22, Sadiq Motor Nigeria Ltd < sadiqmotornigeria1@yahoo.se>:


Goodmorning to you, I just want you to understand that we have a new branch of Lagos now and we want some product in your company, you have to understand that, we need an invitation letter for 2 to 3 of our staff to come over to get this item with cash.

I will be waitten your mail regarding the letter of invitation if that will be send out for our staff to come over, we need to know what is the problem because as of now, we need our staff to come over to your company to have some item and that is needed urgently.

In our next mail, i will send you the attachment passport of the staff that will be coming over, once we get a response from you.

We wait your mail.
Mr. Steve.


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